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Frequently Asked Questions

The fastest and easiest way to get details, reschedule, or cancel an existing booking is to text 1-234-HERESPA (1-234-437-3772) from the phone number that was used for the booking. If you have a HereSpa account, you can manage your bookings by visiting You can also call 1-234-HERESPA (1-234-437-3772), option 2, for assistance with existing bookings.

You can book online, by text, or over the phone. We are a cashless platform and a method of payment is required to place a booking. To book online, visit To book by text, send a text to 1-234-HERESPA (1-234-437-3772). To book over the phone, call 1-234-HERESPA (1-234-437-3772), option 1.

The HereSpa platform hosts a variety of beauty and spa services delivered your location of choice. As we rapidly grow across America, please keep in mind categories and service availabilities may differ by region. In addition, service professionals have the freedom to creatively design and market their own creations, all of which are only locally available. When browsing services, please always ensure the zip code on the header is set to your desired location of service.

Getting pampered with beauty and spa services has never been easier! Book online or call 1-234-HERESPA (1-234-437-3772). Our licensed service professional will arrive at your front door with everything needed for your service. Booking with us is convenient and your satisfaction is always guaranteed, or your money back.

Absolutely! Whether it's to your home, office, hotel, or for a loved one, let us handle the commute. Skip the traffic and save big on time.

Yes, booking for a loved one or someone else is very easy. During checkout, we just need a contact number and the address where you want the service done. Let us handle the rest of it!

Majority of our services have no prerequisites, unless specified on the item details. Our service professionals are one text away before the time of service for any specific questions or requests.

All service professionals on HereSpa are licensed by the state they practice in and have passed through our thorough screening process. In addition, they must retain a satisfactory rating to work on the platform. We have furthermore implemented several measures to bring you a peace of mind. The service professional's photo profile will be sent you to via text message prior to the time of service so you know who will be providing the service. Your communication with the service professional via text messaging masks your phone number to protect your privacy. Our service professionals must follow strict health and safety guidelines prior, during, and after your service.

HereSpa is a platform open to any individual with the experience, certification, and passion for beauty and spa services. We want to provide you with the best service experience and at the same time, open the door for anyone who wants to share their passion through their work. Whether their passion is a full-time career or a part-time job, trust that we stand behind each of our service professionals and guarantee we will not give up until you are satisfied.

Different services have different license requirements. Each of our service professionals must maintain the necessary license and certifications to provide their unique services. Whereas a salon can get away with having unlicensed workers in the mix, you can rest assured we only send you the best certified individuals.

If you have the passion for any beauty or spa services, we'd love to hear from you. If you don't have the experience or license, as long as you have the passion, we can't wait to help you find the quickest path to your dreams! Send us an email at to get started. If you are ready to apply for the vendor platform, please visit to apply.