Do You Have Limited Mobility Yet Need A Haircut? Here's The Solution

Whether young or old, everyone desires to look their best. However, seniors who have mobility issues or serious health-related problems, often find it difficult to get a haircut, nail care, and other healthcare things on a regular basis. 

Even seniors who don’t have that serious mobility issues, find an excuse to put off their next haircut simply because they find going to the salon or spa extremely stressful. But we are here with the good news.

Now, seniors can have a professional haircut right at their home or any place they want. In-home haircuts for seniors or elderly women are quite easy, stress-free, and convenient.

Embrace Aging with Style

As people get older, the styles that work for them also change. Elderly women who used to keep long hair, often decide to trim it with age and keep it short because of easy maintenance. Women with thinning hair may prefer to go with pixie cuts, bobs, or similar shorter styles. For elderly women who have fine hair, keeping length on top may allow for more versatility in styling while keeping their age in mind. 

Whatever hairstyle or hair care service you prefer, a professional mobile hair stylist or hairdresser will always be there to keep your unique style intact. 

Having an in-Home Hair Stylist for Seniors By Your Side 24/7

It can happen that elderly people are not that familiar with it, but in the digital age, mobile hairdressers are a common profession. Mobile hairdressers are qualified and experienced to color, cut, or style a client's hair in a variety of ways. Whether it is about a wedding, a special party, or regular routine, nearby mobile hairdressers are ready to offer the best quality service.

Moreover, mobile beauty services are more than just haircuts. These services also come with foot care, nail care, and other spa treatments on occasion. You have the complete flexibility to book a manicure or pedicure or hair care service with just a few easy taps. Moreover, there’s no need to compromise with time and effort. 

Getting the perfect haircut can help almost anyone improve their appearance and feel more confident in how they show themselves to others. Whether or not your loved ones can travel to a salon or barbershop, having access to an in-home hair stylist for the elderly can make all the difference. The best part, you can book a haircut schedule right at your home at any time you prefer. The professionally trained and competent hairstylists are dedicated to offering the utmost care and highly-satisfactory service at affordable prices.

Get Started with Mobile or in-home Haircut services


HereSpa offers a full range of mobile hair care services for elders at home and any desired place 24/7. Our services include senior haircuts, hair coloring and highlighting, natural hair care and stylish, braid or extension removal, family and group haircuts, etc.

We have a team of highly dedicated and compassionate hair care technicians, hair stylists, and hairdressers. Our prices are competitive prices.

Browse our official website to explore our service catalogs. Fill up our form to book an at-home haircut service today. Or, dial our phone number to book a service. 

Therefore, say goodbye to your limited mobility or other physical difficulties! Book at-home hair care service now!

Wed Jan 25 2023