How to Remove Gel Manicure

Gel polish is now in the trend. Most people fancy it during a manicure due to its extended features. It is shiny glossy and looks rich on the nails. Most luxury nail arts are comprised of gel polish as shiny and extremely glamorous gel nails are a valuable treat when applied. However, as things don't last for long same is the case with gel polish on the nails. It starts to fade after almost three weeks. 

When your nails have outgrown the gel nail polish, many people become concerned about "How to Remove Gel Manicure." Well, it needs a different treatment than regular nail polish. Keep in mind as attractive as nails look in gel polish, it is hard to remove and can damage your nail buds if mishandled. 

It's not the color you are rubbing off but some of the nails' natural parts, including skin and cells. 

So, HereSpa has arranged the following steps for easy gel nail polish removal at home. 

1. First file your nails completely

Everyone that gets a gel manicure would know about the clear topcoat at the end of the manicure. It is there to seal in the nail art. However, now is the time to rub it off. Removing it will help to speed up the process as you will reach the actual nail design. This will save you time and effort to rub acetone directly on nails. 

While doing this, make sure to protect the surroundings of your nail by applying any sort of nail moisturizer like petroleum jelly. This would protect your skin from drying out while rubbing and buffing the topcoat. 

2. Use nail polish remover and soak it in cotton balls 

After you have rubbed off the topcoat, the second step is to use acetone. For this, fill a small bowl with some acetone and dip a cotton ball into it. Let it stay there to soak acetone and gently place it at the top of your nails. One cotton ball will go for only one individual nail bud, so try to dip as many as you need. Make sure the entire surface of the nail is covered beneath the cotton. 

If you are not comfortable applying acetone directly on your naked nails, find acetone-free nail removers. They might work as well but not as good as acetone ones. It is advised to stay with more potent nail removers. 

3. Use foil to wrap your nails 

You will now need foil paper cut into pieces for each nail. Please don't remove the acetone-soaked cotton ball from your nail and wrap a foil over it. 

Make sure to wrap the aluminum foil tightly over your nails. Doing this will create pressure and a bit of heat, which will work like magic. Leave your nails for 10 to 20 minutes for good results. 

4. Remove the foil and repeat

After removing the foil, if there some residue of gel nail polish on your nails, repeat the process. Remove the foil from each finger, wrap them up and do the whole thing again until you are satisfied with the results. 

Apple cuticle oil at the end to avoid dry skin around the nails.