Mobile Nail Spa Atlanta

HereSpa is proud to offer Atlanta’s best mobile nail salon. Our nail technicians are licensed and required to maintain high ratings, therefore, we confidently guarantee you’ll be satisfied with all of our nail care services. With our Customer Design feature, you can easily and virtually design your nail style, color, and more before our pros arrive to turn it into a reality! You can also upload an image of what you want or browse designs from other customers. With the virtual design, you’ll always get exactly what you want.


Our mobile spa services bring relaxing pampering to the comfort and privacy or your home. From when our pros arrive to when they leave, we guarantee you’ll get the best care. Rest assured our top-rated service professionals are dedicated to excellent customer care and delivering results that speak for itself.


Our goal is to ensure your fulfillment with our knowledgeable, caring team and high-quality products from the most well-known brands. We offer everything from manicures and pedicures to gel nails and other spa therapies in our mobile salon, reflecting our glamorous and elegant style. In addition, we have medically licensed technicians who can help manage feet and nail diseases. Whatever your needs are, we have your nails covered!


Our major priority will always be sanitation, and you can count on us 100%. Throughout each phase of our services, we strictly adhere to sanitary regulations. Contact us today if you have any questions!


Why should you choose us?

It doesn't matter whether you want an excellent manicure and pedicure or a trendy nail art, you've made the right decision. We meet emerging trends in nail and beauty care by providing outstanding facilities.


HereSpa's technicians are inclined to listen to your needs and provide you with top-notch care. Regardless of the services you choose, our certified and skilled technicians will provide you with the highest level of satisfaction.

  • We use ultra-hygienic disposable kit liners to prevent cross-contamination for the safety of artists as well as clients.

  • A wide variety of polish/ gel polish/ SNS colors is offered to choose the best.

  • We utilize elegant, renovative, and advanced equipment for services.

  • We provide professional services and never compromise for quality and cleanliness. It is our identity.

What are the five basic nail designs?

  1. For most women's hands, the oval shape is flattering and can be worked on long and short nail beds.

  2. A square nail is the traditional acrylic type with straight sidewalls, two sharp ends, and a balanced C-curve. It is the primary form of classic French manicure and is mainly used for comprehensive nail art designs.

  3. The squoval nail is basically a conservative square with a square nail length, but an oval's smoother edges. Squoval nails create versatility, making it possible to retain small, large nail beds without being oversized.

  4. The round form is also more conservative to provide a smoother look, and for male customers, it is often a preferred choice because the structure reflects the natural outlines of the nail. The rounded form can thin the hands if a customer has large nail beds and large hands.

  5. A pointed shape may produce longitude and slenderize the hand. A pointed nail can provide the subtle look of longness to smaller hands with smaller nail beds, whereas long slender nail beds bring pointy nails to a visible and more noticeable standard.