How to do a Pedicure

We can't do anything for our fingers to get color in the sun. But when you take off your beautiful summer sandals, you will probably realize the last time you treated your feet. When it is difficult (or impossible!) to visit a professional pedicure salon, HereSpa brings you these easy tips to do a professional pedicure at home. 

From the best care tools to pedicure tricks, pamper your feet at home. Now you don't need to search for How to do a Pedicure as we have compiled these steps for prolonged results. 

Gather the necessary pedicure tools at home

Gather the essential products that are available at your home. It is best to buy some new ones like a straight nail clipper, nail file, toe file, cuticle pusher, some creams, feet mask, toe mask, and cuticle oil. If you are fond of nail paints, chose your favorite nail polish and a glossy top coat to paint your toes. 

Treat the old enamel by removing it 

Use a cotton ball and nail remover to remove any remaining enamel. (It is softer without acetone, but acetone helps remove any stubborn polish, such as those with irritating shine, more quickly.) If you don't have cotton swabs, use a paper towel, but this material is not so abrasive, so it will take a little more effort to remove.

Use warm water to soak feet

If you own a foot bath, use it to soak your feet if you don't use any kind of deep tub to put your feet in and relax. Fill this with lukewarm water and add some salt to it. You don't know, but salt is very beneficial to comfort your feet, especially when they are soar. Leave your feet for almost 10 minutes in that water. It will soften your cuticle and help in scrapping the dry skin. 

3. Cut off your toenails

Rita Remarque, a world-renowned educator, says to use a straight nail clipper to create clean lines and avoid nail edges. Another plus: Trimming your toe nails prevents injuries and looks elegant. After cutting, gently file your toes in one direction.

Massage yourself a little

After soaking and trimming your nails, the best part begins. Use any kind of foot lotion or massaging cream and genteelly rub your nails with your hands. Try to reach the middle space in your toes and rub your heel. Massage your feet and toes for few moments or as long as you want. Feel free to use an electric foot massager as it helps to exfoliate the skin. 

Treat your feet with a mask

Wearing a toe mask is always helpful as it can help to extend your skin's life. Your feet will stay fresh even after a few days of a pedicure. If your feet are dry after the mask's effect wears off, then use moisturizing to nourish your soles' skin. 

Try to keep up with this routine. Your feet will always look fresh and pleasant in summer sandals. Obviously, you can avoid painting your toes but consider it an option as painted toes look so good