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Community Portal

Designed for Living Communities.

Typical living communities have hairdressers and nail technicians who make weekly or monthly visits to serve the residents. Residents may also schedule visits to beauty salons. The HereSpa Community Portal is complementary to these existing services and provides residents with the freedom to get beauty services on-demand, anytime. Residents get access to a much bigger selection of professional beauty options and all services are performed conveniently in their homes, in the community on-site salon, outside in the garden, or wherever preferred. Give your residents the freedom of choice.

Designed for Accessibility.

Meet the Community Portal. Booking a service takes less than 30 seconds.


That's a small price for freedom.


Flexible payment options include billing the residents directly, billing a family member, or integrating the bill into the residents' monthly statements.

Designed for a Better Life.

The Community Portal is free and we hope it will improve the standards of living for your residents. Imagine only having access to hair, nail, and other beauty services on a specific day a few times a month. It's the reality today but doesn't have to be tomorrow. 


For a virtual or on-site demo, click here to email us or call 206-518-7567.

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