Best Gel Manicure Atlanta

All love healthy manicures and pedicures. You feel relaxed, and nothing is more remarkable than nicely shaped nails. In Atlanta, you should try HereSpa gel manicure & pedicure if you love to show off your hands and feet. Gel nails last for up to two weeks and look as new as your first manicure day. The gel nails look more natural than acrylic and wearable with or without nail polish. Gel application is easy, smell-free, and requires minor nail filing. And you can apply the gel right to the natural nail or an artificial nail tip. After the gel application, the nail is put under a UV light or placed in water. Which hardens or heals the gel. It is a great way to strengthen and protect your nail while trying to cultivate your natural nails.


Gel Nail Polish Vs. Classic Nail Polish:

When it comes to Nail Polish, there are so many variations that can paralyze your choice of what is best for you. But we will guide you about the distinctions between gel nail polish and classic nail polish so that you can know things and can make an informed decision.

Gel polishes have more potent ingredients that grasp the nail tighter than traditional lacquers and are strong enough to resist everyday wear. Gel polishes have been deemed more flexible and aided by chips; gels are cured under UV or LED lamps and polished in oxygen. Most people prefer gel nails over regular manicures because they last for long. Gel polish does not chip, but you can hold it up at a time for weeks. You have to change or remove it if your nails prolong too much. The gel is also a safe option if you attempt to grow your natural nails. The gel applies a coating of protection to your nails, preventing them from shattering.

For regular/classic nail polish, The nail artist will remove your old nail paint, shape and prime your nails, give you a hand massage, and afterward apply the base coat, gloss/nail paint, and topcoat to your hands. Many people love regular nail paint because, without specialized tools, it is easy to apply at home. Classic nail polish is easy to apply and remove, which allows you to change color as many times as you choose. On the other hand, traditional nail polish has the downside of being easy to chip and damage, taking a long time to dry, and not staying on the nails for too long. Consequently, regular touch-ups and reapplications may be necessary, which can be aggravating.

You can remove the gel by a dip with acetone for at least 10 minutes, while you can remove nail paint quickly with remover.


Tips for Healthy Nails:

Here are some fair & care tips you should know about gel manicures to make the right choice and ensure the nail's health before, during & after gel manicure.

1.     Be proactive. For each customer, ensure that the manicurist always uses sterilized tools. Also, don't let your manicurist push or cut your cuticle because inflammation and infection may occur.

2.     If you have chronic nail issues or are allergic to acetone, opt for regular nail polish instead of gel polish, as acetone is used to remove gel polish.

3.     Apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen on your hands before having a gel manicure to avoid skin cancer and premature aging. It will shield the skin from the UV radiation used to adhere gel nail polish to the nail.

4.     Picking gel nail polish is not a good idea. When the paint starts to fade, don't pick at it or try to remove it with other nails or equipment. Have an appointment to get the polish removed for your manicurist instead.

5.     If you want to remove the nail polish from the nails, soothe your fingertips in acetone instead of your whole hand or finger. Another way to remove the polish is by using cotton balls. Soak the cotton balls in acetone and wrap your fingers with thin strips of aluminum foil. The nail polish will come away after about 15 minutes.

6.     Take a break from nail polish. For one or two weeks or more, avoid wearing nail polish. This will give you time to patch your nails.

7.     You should rehydrate your nails. Apply a moisturizing liquid, such as petroleum jelly, on your nails and cuticles multiple times a day in between polishes. It will tend to reduce brittleness and chipping of the nails.

When it comes to gel manicures, moderation is necessary, as it is with most things. Wish to consider using gel manicure only on special occasions or see a board-certified dermatologist if you experience unusual differences in your nails or have a chronic nail problem.